Although moving by plane seems like the best and the most convenient option, people often avoid it as it tends to be expensive. But, sometimes, it is our only option. For instance, if we have to move across the country or if we have to move somewhere very quickly.

However, moving by plane can be an excellent option for moving in general. You just have to invest some time and energy into planning, and your move can become stress-free and cost-effective. So, if your mind is set on moving by plane anytime soon, here is how to prepare for it.

Plan, Plan, Plan! 

When it comes to moving, planning is everything. Planning is what will save you a lot of money, time, and energy in the end. So, call for a family meeting (if you are all moving together) and try to discuss as many moving details as possible. Moreover, start planning for this move ahead of time! Keep in mind that moving by plane requires a lot more preparation than a regular relocation.


Prepare yourself for a lot of research! In addition to browsing for the best one-way tickets, you must also spend a lot of time browsing for different moving and shipping companies, and of course, various baggage policies for different airlines.

Your research may be the most demanding task. But, do not let that discourage you – you have to start somewhere.  Keep in mind that the more you research, the more prepared for this move you will be.

Who knows, maybe you will even find out that moving by a type of a helicopter is the best option for you.

Decide How You (and Your Stuff) Will Move 

You have already decided that you will move by plane, but what about your baggage?

Of course, all airline companies have that possibility, but keep in mind that carrying all of your belongings with you on the plane may be an expensive thing to do. So, instead of that, consider shipping your items, and especially those bigger ones, by air freight.

Or, ship all of your items with mobile self-storage. It is crucial to make these decisions as soon as you decide to move as they will dictate the course of your relocation.

Set Your Moving Date and Budget

Another decision you have to make ahead of time is your moving date and budget. So, sit down once again, gather everybody moving with you, and start discussing. Think about how much money you can spend on this.

And, think about what date works for all of you. Deciding on your moving date and budget will help you plan the rest of your relocation.

Buy a Plane Ticket 

If you have ever traveled by plane before, you probably know that the sooner you buy the ticket, the cheaper it will be. Of course, there is always that possibility of waiting for the last minute to get the lowest price, but that can put your entire move at risk.

Thus, as soon as you set your moving date, buy that plane ticket! Just like you would need time to buy the best but the cheapest plane or a boat, you also need it to find the best but the cheapest plane ticket.

Hire a Moving Agency 

Probably the easiest way to move is by hiring a moving agency. Moving professionals are there to help you plan and organize your entire move. And, not only that – moving professionals are there to handle everything moving-related, so you won’t have to. Therefore, if your budget allows it, start looking for international movers. Ask your trusted friends and family members for recommendations or search the web. Be sure to find a reliable moving company as moving by plane requires reliable helpers.

Or, Hire a Shipping Agency 

If you think that you do not need help with packing and moving in general, think twice.

Think twice when it comes to shipping, especially. If you have never done this before, shipping all of your items by yourself may quickly turn into a nightmare. You need to be familiar with all the shipping laws and regulations first.

And then, you need to spend a lot of time and energy on planning your shipment and ‘guiding’ it. Thus, if you are not sure whether you can pull this off, consider at least hiring a company that will handle the transfer overseas for you. It will save you a lot of headaches.

Decide What You Will Bring

Now that you know when and how your items will be transferred to your new address, it is time to decide what you will bring with you.

Of course, you would want to take everything, but that is not a good idea.

Keep in mind that the more items you pack, the more expensive your move will be.

And, this is especially true now when you have to move by plane. Thus, pack only the things that are valuable, necessary, and of key importance to you.

Donate, Sell, Throw Away 

We advised you on what to bring with you when moving by plane in the previous part.

Pack as little as possible! And, when it comes to the rest of your belongings, it would be a good idea to either donate it to a charitable organization or give it to some friends and family members who might need it.

And, if you want to earn some cash, you can also organize a yard sale or even sell your stuff online. In the end, if you have some items that are broken, damaged, and completely useless, just throw them away – do not bother shipping them.

Buy Proper Packing Materials 

If you hire a moving agency, those moving professionals will come equipped with all the necessary packing materials.

But, if you decide to organize your move by yourself, you will need to do this step. That is, you will need to gather all the necessary packing materials.

You will need cardboard boxes, plastic bins, packing paper, plastic wrap, packing peanuts, duct tape, scissors, and a permanent marker.

Depending on how you decided to move and ship your items, you will need different packing materials and packing techniques.

There is a difference in packing when moving by helicopters and planes and when shipping by cargo freight and shipping by regular plane. Talk to your shipping agency about all the packing regulations.

Know How to Pack 

Now, it is time for packing. As previously mentioned, try to pack as little as possible, gather proper packing materials, and pack according to packing regulations.

If you encounter some difficulties, you can always follow the golden rule – first wrap the item in packing paper, then in plastic wrap, place it in a box with packing peanuts, seal all the sides, and label the box.

Of course, this rule applies only to the smaller household items. When it comes to those bigger, heavier, and bulkier pieces, first try to disassemble what you can and then pack it.

Have Your Essentials Bag Ready

When packing, you should pay special attention to packing your essential’s bag. This is a bag that will be by your side at all times, so make sure it contains everything you might need during the moving day and the day afterward.

For example, in this bag, you should put all the documents related to moving and traveling like passports, IDs, other personal documentation, as well as all the contracts associated with moving.

You should also put all the electronics like phones, laptops, chargers, headphones, etc., there. And, of course, do not forget to pack here the change of clothes, food, water, medications, and all other necessary items for the first few days.

Rent a Storage Unit

It is always wise to book a storage unit when moving somewhere across the borders. You do not know how your move will go nor whether you will have unexpected problems once you arrive in your new home. You may need to do some renovating, for example, and thus require a place to put all of your belongings for the time being. A storage unit nearby can be a life-saver!

Book a Hotel 

If you have not found your new home yet and you plan on doing it after you arrive, do not forget to book a hotel.

After all, you will need a place to stay. And, just like with plane tickets, hotels are also cheaper when booked in advance. So, explore your options and choose a hotel located in the area you plan on buying or renting a home.

If hotels seem too expensive, you can also consider looking for private accommodation, for example. There are many options out there, so the sooner you start exploring, the better.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide to moving by place has provided you with useful information that will enable you to go through this process more comfortably.

Once you have all the steps in one place, the preparation should be more straightforward. Good luck and happy moving!

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