Are you ready to fly high in the sky? Experience a new way of excitement? But you are torn between two choices, whether to fly a plane or a helicopter? Before you make a decision, make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of flying both. Wisely choose your way to fly by considering your capabilities to operate an aircraft. Although both things will get you to your final destination, still the flying is not the same. Let’s focus on some of the important features and differences you need to know before making a decision when buying an aircraft for sale.

Different Space and Lift Needs

One of the things you must know is that planes need quite a space to take off. They need enough room to perform the vertical lift and force a takeoff. That’s why airports have such long runways. Helicopters on the other hand rapidly use the spinning rotors to lift high in the sky with no need for a large takeoff area.

Ease of Operation

You would think that airplanes are more massive and scary to operate rather than helicopters. But that’s wrong.  It’s way easier for beginners to fly airplanes since the autopilots do the flying from one destination to another. Just it takes an experience to improve the landing and the take-off part as it is done manually. It all comes down to the fact that helicopters are harder to operate as you need to constantly control the engine during the entire flight. It’s a bit tricky for beginners because helicopters are unstable. The pilot must be focused and aware of all the possible obstacles (trees, buildings, mountains) along with the flight.

Danger of Flying

Flying any type of aircraft comes with a dose of danger with it. But aircraft lovers decide to fly anyway. Now if we speak in percentages, then flying a helicopter might be more dangerous to fly than a plane. Unfortunately, helicopter crashes happen more often than airplanes, to be exact about 35% more often than any other aircraft. That’s mostly because the helicopter pilot is responsible for more operations than one. He needs to move the joystick back and forward, control the anti-torque pedals that power the engine, and moves it horizontally. Besides all of these things, the pilot must be constantly aware of the terrain as the helicopter flies lower than the airplane.


This is another thing to have in mind when getting an aircraft for sale. It all comes down to the availability to arrange a flight. Yes, what is the use of having a plane if you cannot fly it whenever and wherever you like. The bigger the aircraft is the harder it is to arrange a flight since it requires a large airport.  Plus, it costs much. Helicopters on the other hand are easier to reserve as they don’t need much space for a takeoff. Although more complex to operate, still they offer an unforgettable experience over the city you love in no time.

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