Need to get to a certain destination, but cannot decide which transportation option to choose? Both a plane and a boat will do the job, but it is your own personal preference whether you like to enjoy the water and the breeze while getting there or simply love to be high in the sky, sightseeing the places you choose to visit. That’s one thing. Another thing is the cost, the maintenance, the travel time, the safety, and a few other things that make these two transportation methods differ. Let’s take a look at each of the approaches we listed, to get a clearer idea of whether it is better to be a boat owner or an aircraft one.

Travel Time

The most important question when buying an aircraft or a boat is the amount of time to land to the wanted destination. Living in a busy world, it’s hard to take extra time to enjoy the beauties of the destinations we choose. We prefer the option that offers short term trips instead. Yes, with boats you can step out on the deck and enjoy the fabulous ocean breeze or simply access other beaches along the way. But, it takes more time. With a plane, you can get there in a few hours, a day at most in case of overnights. Whereas with a boat you will need to reserve a week or a month to reach a remote destination. For example, a flight from Europe to New York will take about 12 hours. On the other hand, an oversea trip with a boat will take an average of four to five days.

Boat vs. Plane Cost

Now, let’s talk about money. We can approach this matter from two sides. A normal commercial flight will cost less than $1000, but a boat cruise is roughly two or three times more expensive than that. However, if buying an aircraft for sale is on your to-do list, then keep in mind the maintenance and storage expenses as well. Depending on the size, it is always cheaper to find storage for a small helicopter than a large yacht. Of course, the prices vary from one place to another but overall, the marina storages are a bit overpriced. At the end of the season, the boat needs to be washed and clean from all the algae and mussels that have piled up, and that adds to the bill as well. When it comes to fuel burning, people in California owning planes claim that it is cheaper to fly a propeller plane in rural areas than drive a BMW every day.


Need to travel overseas, but you are skeptical about any other transportation method than a car? Wrong. According to the newest statistics, flying and sailing are some of the safest travel options. Based on the worldwide air travel statistics, in 1.6 million flights one is reported as an accident. Ship accidents on the other hand are even harder to keep a track of. Since not all countries are obligated to report crashes, the number of accidents cannot be specifically determined. The thing is, if you get stuck in a plane crash, you have no control over the situation. But in case of a ship accident, the chances of surviving are greater if you follow the safety rules.

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