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Robinson Aircraft for Sale

Robinson is a well-known name in the aviation world to those who understand aircraft. Plane lovers surely want to go behind scenes and discover more details about the company that produces one of the best rotorcraft on the market. As a child of the Depression, Frank Robinson faced a tough time as an aerospace engineer, but he decided to try his luck and give his new and low-cost rotorcraft a try. And it paid off. This wide-space aircraft design is today’s essential to the flying public. Those new to flying will probably face this basic Robinson helicopter. Of course, many other models have become popular from this company, all with specific features and capability. Let’s focus on some famous Robinson aircraft for sale available on the market.


‘’Fly long, Fly Far’’ is the line that best describes this type of helicopter. However, R66 is just a base for a variety of versions produced by this company. All designed for specific missions including news reporting as well as law enforcement. What makes this turbine-powered model so unique are the design and the features. R66 is easy to handle for those who learn how to fly. Compared to others in this class, this helicopter is easy to operate and control in the air. The first thing that grabs your attention when you enter the cockpit in the form of the flight controls of a T-bar as oppose to the common floor-mounted cyclic stick. Being in that position, it is easier for the pilot to control the aircraft from both seats.

R22  Beta II

Due to the price and the low operating costs, R22 has been popular with the flying schools for years. This model has everything a pilot needs, basic standard equipment, and durable plane parts. After 12 years of usage, you can do a factory overhaul that might cost nearly $160,000 but at least you are getting a brand new helicopter in return. R22 is an outstanding two-bladed, single-engine utility helicopter produced by the Robinson Company in 1979. A powerful two-seat engine with a two-bladed tail rotor and an enclosed cabin for both the pilot and the passenger. The good thing about this model is that the doors are removable for better photographs during a flight.

R44 Cadet

Based on the other models, Robinson Company developed the R44 having a comfortability in mind. This four-seat helicopter reached 6,331 sold units and therefore was declared as the number one selling model of the 21st century. Since its production in 1992 till now, this Robinson R44 helicopter has outsold the other models of helicopters due to its endurance, safety and affordability. An interesting fact about this model of helicopter is that it was flown by Jennifer Mary, the first woman to ever fly a helicopter in 1997. This four-seat piston was the first choice of the first lady to ever navigate the world with a helicopter. In 2014 Robinson Company improved the bladder fuel tank. They included a rubber tank inside the aluminum tank to prevent accidents. In case if it burst it won’t cause a post-crush fire.

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