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Piper Aircraft for Sale

Piper Aircraft is the Business Tycoon in the aviation world. First introduced on the market in 1937 and since then its production raised over 130,000 aircraft. Number 0ne Aircraft Company for single- and twin-engine models that are designed to meet the highest standards of the business travelers. When it comes to producing general aviation, Piper Aircraft Inc. is considered to be among the ‘Big Three’. When you look for Piper aircraft for sale, you will convince yourself that this manufacturer, based in Vero Beach, Florida, is one of the most popular on the market for decades.

2020 Piper M600 SLS

Three words describe best the new 2020 Piper M600 SLS: Support, Safety, and Luxury. This amazing single-engine turboprop exceeded the industry expectations due to its performance and easy to use the operational system. Piper M600 takes luxury to a whole new level. As a customer, you can even choose your own interior color and add your personal embroidery as well.  If you search for some extra features, keep in mind this unique Piper aircraft for sale. It comes with L3 Storm scope, radio/weather satellite, terrain warning, and turbulence detection system.

Piper M 350

Your search for a powerful twin-engine piston stops here. If you look for comfortability, then this luxurious M350 Piper aircraft for sale will satisfy your criteria. What makes this model even more wanted is the fact that you can customize your own cabin. Plenty of space to feel yourself better than home. It comes with amazing lightning controls, plenty of power plugs, leather interior, beverage holders, and many other gadgets you can think of. Of all Piper piston-engine aircraft, only M350 can cruise up to 25,000 ft in pressurized comfort. With an amazing cruising speed of 21ktas and a list of other unique features, you will need to be prepared to spend $1.15 million on this extravagant Piper M350.


This Piper twin-engine model will take your breath away. Such an extravagant design that gives the highest performance in its class. With massive cargo space ideal for the transport of heavy assets. What makes Seneca different than the other aircraft models is the convenience and functionality that comes along. Handy seat controls, quality carpet, lighting controls, utilizable work tables as well as beverage holders. Almost anything that associates you to comfort. Seneca offers high altitude performance that cannot be compared to other models. It’s also unique when it comes to the size of the cabin (48inches), six more inches wider than the other designs. Compared to its competitors, Seneca allows three instead of two Garmin g1000 screens. A multi-engine airplane that offers a lot for the cost of the money. Whether it is for personal or business pleasure, have in mind this well-priced and efficient Piper aircraft for sale.

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