Learjet Aircraft for Sale

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Learjet Aircraft for Sale

Learjet is an aerospace manufacturer of business jets for military and civilian use and owned by a Canadian. Learjet, on the other hand, was one of the first companies to manufacture luxury and private aircraft.

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What Are the Different Learjet Aircraft for Sale?

  1. Learjet 75

This aircraft redefines the iconic Learjet brand as well as features the first private Executive suite segment.

Learjet 75 comes with a forward and spacious cabin and a pocket door that deliver the quietest and most legroom, most productive and private cabin in its category.

Further, this Learjet aircraft comes with an innovative wing design and will guarantee a smooth ride experience.

  1. Learjet 60 XR

The Learjet 60 XR is can accommodate two crew members and eight passengers. Much like other airplanes, this aircraft has two engines that have a maximum range of 2773 miles. It also has a max speed of 522 mph. In just 18.5 minutes, the Learjet 60 XR is capable of reaching an altitude up to 41,000 feet, in fact, it is relatively high compared to a helicopter that comes with basic features.

  1. Learjet 45XR

If you are looking for a small and super lightweight jet, then the Learjet 45XR can be a great option. This aircraft is powered by a Honeywell TFE731-20BR turbo engine setup that can carry a heavy load safely.

The aircraft boasts a decent cruise speed and at the same time climbs more rapidly than standard airplanes. In fact, even though it carries more passengers, 45XR will still fly farther, faster, and higher.

This model comes with a maximum travel range of 2300 miles, a max cruising speed of 535 mph, and will reach an altitude of 51000 feet.

Other great features that come with Learjet 45XR are a digital airborne phone, 110 volts electrical plugs, and foldable desks that you can use when working. Last but not least, it can accommodate up to nine passengers.

What is the Best Model for You?

When it comes to choosing the best Learjet aircraft there are some factors that you need to know. First, you need to set a budget, second determine your needs, and lastly your capabilities. Don’t opt for a model that you cannot handle. Also, don’t choose an aircraft that is not within your budget. Once you have settled such things, you can easily determine which product will suit you the most.

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