Hawker Aircraft for Sale

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Hawker Aircraft for Sale

Hawker is a British aircraft company. In fact, it is one of the manufacturers of famous products in the history of British aviation. Would you like to learn more about the famous Hawker aircraft for sale in various countries? Keep on reading.

The Most Popular Hawker Aircraft Options

  1. Hawker 800XP

Hawker 800XP is a mid-size business jet that offers people the perfect combination of cabin comfort, speed, as well as range.

This aircraft is can fly up to 2900 nm without making stops. In fact, it is relatively higher compared to other mid-size business airplanes.

Hawker 800XP, on the other hand, can also carry a load of eight persons from New York to Colorado.

  1. Hawker 4000

This Hawker Aircraft 4000 features a lot of advanced features such as cold and hot water capability, full galley, and LED lighting.

Not only that, but it also comes with a carbon composite fuselage, well-positioned and big window for maximum passenger viewing, and a solid-door, externally serviced toilet.

  1. Hawker 850XP

If you need a travel range that is more than the Hawker 800XP then the 850XP can be a great option. This Hawker aircraft comes with a redesigned interior as well as upgraded avionics. There are also winglets for a further 100 nautical miles.

  1. Hawker 400XP

If you are looking for a private jet that is ideal for a short hop, you can never go wrong with the Hawker 400XP. This aircraft has a speed cruising ability of 450 miles per hour. You will surely like its class-leading cabin size. Hawker 400XP is another cost-effective option designed for charter air travels.

One more thing, similar to a private helicopter, is also an agile performer on runways. This will allow it to access small airports most especially in remote areas.

  1. Hawker Dantorp

It is a single-engine aircraft with composite metal as well as wood construction. Hawker Dantorp, on the other hand, was equipped to function using interchangeable wheeled floats as well as wheeled undercarriage.

Hawker Dantorp features two-bladed watts wooden propellers and has a fuel capacity of 280 gallons. This aircraft also has a max speed of 126.2 mph.

Why Should You Invest in Hawker Aircraft?

One of the common reasons why you should invest in such an aircraft is that it has modern airframes. It also has a comfortable and spacious cabin. Hawker aircraft is also fuel-efficient and the engines they are using are powerful.

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