Cirrus Aircraft for Sale

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Cirrus Aircraft for Sale

Do you want to own A Cirrus Aircraft but you don’t have any idea of what’s the best model that you can get? No worries because we are here to help. Read on to discover the Cirrus Aircraft for sale in the market today.

What Are the Different Cirrus Aircraft for Sale Today?

  1. Cirrus SR22

It is a single-engine composite aircraft that is available in four and five-seater models. Cirrus SR22 has a large wing and a high fuel capacity. Its powerful engine can produce 310 horsepower.

In case you didn’t know, it is one of the best-selling aircraft in history with thousands of units produced in just a couple of years.

Another good thing about the SR22 is that it comes with an entire-plane emergency recovery parachute system. It also features a fixed tricycle landing gear that has a nose casting wheel.

  1. Cirrus Vision

This aircraft is one of the most affordable private jets today. Cirrus Vision is a single-engine jet that is flyable by one pilot, unlike other airplanes that need co-pilots.

The impressive engine of this aircraft will produce 1,800lbs of thrust letting the aircraft fly a max range of 1,200 nautical miles.

  1. Cirrus VK-30

Another single-engine aircraft from Cirrus that is sold as a kit in the beginning. It has a construction that is all-composite and is designed to accomplish laminar flow through the fuselage and the tail and wing surfaces to offer low drags.

This five-seat Cirrus aircraft comes with a 3-bladed pusher propeller that can be found behind the tail over an extension shaft.

  1. Cirrus SR20

Cirrus SR20 uses a piston engine and is available in two variants: 4-seat and 5-seat. One of the best things about this Cirrus aircraft is that it comes with a parachute that a basic helicopter doesn’t possesses. This feature is extremely beneficial since it will allow the aircraft to land safely after a mid-air collision, loss of control, or structural failure. Cirrus SR20 also has flat-panel and avionics and an all -composite construction.

It is also worth noting that it is available in various variants such as TRAC, SR20 G6, SR20 G3, SR20 G2, and SRV.

These are only a few of the many aircraft manufactured by Cirrus. If you have decided to buy a Cirrus aircraft you should be willing to spend millions of dollars. Yes, it is quite expensive, but the features and functionalities are really impressive making it a great investment.

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