Cessna Aircraft for Sale

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Cessna Aircraft for Sale

If you are interested in airplanes or a helicopter for sure you’re familiar with Cessna. Throughout its nine-decade history, Cessna, one of the most popular names in the aviation industry has produced a lot of aircraft. Keep on reading to learn more about some of the best Cessna aircraft for sale in the market today.

Cessna Aircraft That You Can Buy Today

  1. Cessna 150

It is a two-seater Cessna aircraft that was cemented a great legacy in aviation’s history. Cessna 150 comes with a modern profile as well as rounded wingtips. When it comes to the engine, it uses Continental O-200-A with 100 horsepower.

Much like other high-end airplanes out there, the Cessna 150 can reach a max speed of 125mph and a max cruise speed of 94mph. It also has a big fuel capacity.

  1. Cessna 206

This one of the best Cessna aircraft for sale was first released in 1962, in fact, it is called the SUV of the sky.

Cessna 206 is a single-engine aircraft that has a landing gear that is non-retractable which makes it stand out among aircraft enthusiasts. With a whopping 28 feet length and 30 feet wingspan, Cessna 206 large. But regardless of its size, 206 can maintain a solid range of 840nmi.

  1. Cessna 560XL

If you are looking for a big business jet you can never go wrong with Cessna 560XL. This aircraft is powered by 2 Pratt and Whitney Canada PW500 turbofan jet engines that can offer 4119lbs of thrust each. It also has a vertical fuselage. This model, on the other hand, has a max range of 1858 nm and a speed of 507mph.

  1. Cessna 400

Cessna 400 is another low-wing and single-engine aircraft that has a solid Continental TSIO-500-C that produces 310hp when turbocharged. It also has an excellent Garmin G1000 all-glass cockpit as well as a Garmin G2000 avionics suite.

  1. Cessna Mustang or 510

Cessna Mustang is a light business jet. It can accommodate one pilot, one co-pilot, and four passengers. Another good thing about this Cessna aircraft is that it features an all-leather cabin interior. This aircraft is known for providing luxury and comfortable flying experience. Cessna Mustang is powered by Pratt and Whitney Canada PW615F engines.

There you have it the Cessna aircraft that you can get right now. But aside from these, there are other options where you can choose from.

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