Beechcraft Aircraft for Sale

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Beechcraft Aircraft for Sale

Beechcraft is an American manufacturer of military aircraft, commercial airplanes, as well as general aviation ranging from single-engine to twin-engine models. There are also military trainers and even business jets. If you are looking for Beechcraft aircraft for sale, here are some of the best options where you choose from.

Best Beechcraft Aircraft for Sale

  1. Beechcraft King Air 250

This aircraft from Beechcraft has a decent climb rate and more speed. King Air 250 comes equipped with Pratt and Whitney PT6A-52 engines. These engines are known to produce maximum power all the way up to the high in which the cruise speed may be 30 knots. The King Air 250 also has remarkable propellers which are lighter than aluminum propellers.

  1. Beechcraft Staggerwing C-17

Beechcraft Staggerwing C-17 is a private single-engine aircraft that uses a Pratt and Whitney R-985-AN-1 engine. It also has a horsepower of 850 and a maximum cruise speed of 184 knots.

When it comes to travel range, this Beechcraft aircraft can travel up to 1078 kilometers or 582 nautical miles. Per gallon of fuel, you will be able to travel 4 nautical miles or 1.957 kilometers for every liter.

  1. Beechcraft King Air B200gt

This aircraft comes equipped with PT6A-42 engines that are rated at 850 horsepower. King Air B200gt is a twin-turboprop that has a maximum cruise speed of 541 kilometers per hour, 292 knots. The aircraft has a take-off distance of 640 meters to 2099.71 feet as well as a landing distance of between 388 meters and 1,272.95 feet. It is also fuel-efficient, in fact, for every gallon you will be able to travel 3.34 nautical miles.

These are only a few of the Beechcraft Aircraft for sale available on the market. It means there are other options where you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a helicopter or commercial airplanes, Beechcraft has more to offer.

Beechcraft Aircraft: Where Are They Made?

There are plenty of facilities all over the world. In fact, some of them were based in the US in Arkansas, Little Rock, Kansas, Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Saline. Not only that, but Beechcraft also has facilities in Mexico, Chihuahua, and the United Kingdom.

How Much Do Beechcraft Aircraft Cost?

Beechcraft Aircraft are available in different price tags depending on the type. For single-engine models, usually, you will need to invest $500,000. And for twin-engine models, it will cost you one million dollars or more.

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